Materials: Effective messengers of identity

Besides being a means for production, material is a silent but effective messenger of identity. New ways of manufacturing made it possible for Kahla to realize the distinctive and award-winning porcelain concept "touch!", a benchmark in the tableware industry. The consistent application of recycled truck tarpaulins and car seat belts created a strong brand recognition for the trendy FREITAG brand.

Applications of new materials translate ‘innovation’ from a strategic goal into an everyday customer experience as we can learn from the BREE company and by looking at Gore-Tex, a fabric innovation with an own identity, we see that an industrial material can develop itself into a well-known consumer brand.

In other words, materials play a many-sided and important role in the creation of identities for people, products and brands.

»What do today’s products tell us about the strategic use of materials for identity?«

The Material & Identity exhibition at the Hamburg Design Festival 2007 will give new answers by presenting product examples with inspiring stories and insights. The exhibition is initiated by Material Stories to show new opportunities in driving design with material inspiration.