10 Interviews, 10 Stories

Material Stories talked with brand representatives, design managers and CEO's from ten leading companies for new content and new insights on the strategic use of materials for the design and branding of products.


We asked the Bree brothers about the role new materials for the design of BREE’s quality products and take a closer look at the DALLAS suitcases which has been recognized with several awards for its innovative approach materials in design.


James Dyson tells us all about the performance and function driving the Dyson vacuum cleaners which features a bag-less system, clear dustbins and clear color coding that gives us a look inside for a better understanding of the added value of Dyson’s products.


We enjoy an in-depth talk with co-founder and design director Daniel Freitag about how bags made out of old truck tarps developed into a recognized FREITAG brand, and how the company focuses on considerate use of materials instead of riding the waves of fashion.


From Daimler’s headquarters the head of interior design, Georg Asal, gives us new insights in the considerate use of color and trim in communicating the brand values of smart which is all about freshness, innovation, consideration, compactness - just smart!


CEO Stephan Koziol discusses Koziol’s experience and competence in plastics processing with over 12,000 injection molds to create a colorful world of plastics aesthetics where "form follows fun".


With design manager Mark van Iterson we look at the relation between material innovation and brand values as demonstrated by Heineken's alu-bottle designed by Ora Ito which revolutionized the beer market and demonstrates what innovation leadership is all about.

Selle Royal

With marketing manager Andrea Meneghelli we discuss the brand positioning and differentiation of the product brands - BROOKS, Fizik and Selle Royal - and the role of materials in communicating heritage, performance or comfort towards the customer.

OXO International

We talk with Smart Design’s founder and CEO Davin Stowell about the design work with OXO International in developing the Good Grips series and see how materials and design details can have a big impact in communicating the added value of products towards the end-user.

Built NY

Co-founder and design director Aaron Lown tells us about falling in love with Neoprene and how other promising materials are driving the products of Built NY. Accordingly, "The future lies on the factory floor" and reflects the value of material inspiration.


The designers of speziell produktgestaltung bring us an innovation story from Thüringen where the cooperation with KAHLA enriches the look of porcelain with the feel of felt. How a traditional company became trendsetter for the porcelain industry.

[photos by the courtesy of the corresponding brands]